Canada Teas by Vitality

Herbs and teas have been used to support health for thousands of years. Our whole leaf herbs, teas and spices have been created with health and wellness in mind. Our blends use the best possible natural and organic ingredients available to create a 100% Natural Goodness.

Canada Teas by Vitality Teas goal was to create a smooth, pleasant, healthy, flavorful tea that did not taste fake or artificial. Mixing various herbs with teas and sharing them with family and friends started as a hobby for the founder,Fanta, but now is a thriving business.
Fanta dreamed of packaging that would reflect her passion for natural and healthy teas. We created a warm and dynamic packaging that included a colourflavour labeling system so consumers could easily detect the tea flavour. This label system reduced packaging reproduction and inventory costs. Other services provided were POP display banners.